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W1SRA / 147.000Mhz  / Negative Offset / 100.0 PL Tone
Welcome to the Sunday Night Net each Sunday evening at 7:30 PM.
we remember 
SRA Image Gallery:

Help! I'm growing an antenna!
Our President N1QLP

It's great to see young hams.
Micky K2CUI

N1WBD = No One Will Bring Donuts

Scott W1XER from atop Mt. Washington!
With some thoughts on
Wayne N1DSJ 
Explains the reason it takes 2 to Tango.

Click on any of the images below to see the full size picture.

Midwinter Antenna Raising Adventures!

At Jack's KB1GCK

Hosstraiders Hamfest Fall 2002

Dave N1VZX, Joe K1JEK, 
Bob N1WBD, Paul W1PSC, 
Tom W1VVV, and ???

W1VVV's home 
away from home.

The first table setup.

The second table setup 
for the rain on Friday.

K1JEK & N1VZX sleep 
over on Friday night.

Dave N1VZX the night 
before he took his CW Test.

The shack at W1VVV's

The VHF antennas & shack at N1WLD's
KB1DIG's portable emergency station
The satellite & 6mtr

 antennas at K1CUI's
Joe K1JEK's shack

out in the garage!..

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