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Welcome to the Sunday Night Net each Sunday evening at 7:30 PM.
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Amateur Radio's Major Web Resources
American Radio Relay League
Federal Communications Commission
ARRL - Web Page FCC - Web Page
ARRL - New England Division FCC - Amateur Radio Services
ARRL - NH Section FCC - Universal Licensing System
ARRL - ME Section FCC - Forms Download Page
ARRL - Eastern MA Section FCC - General Menu Reports System
Amateur Radio Emergency Service
 National Traffic System (NTS)
National Weather Service Spotter Program
ARRL/ARES Web Page NTS-Methods & Practices Guidelines National Skywarn Homepage 
ARES - Public Service Comm Manual  NTS-MPG Manual (MS Word View)  NH - Skywarn -NWS
What is RACES? NTS-MPG Manual (PDF View) NOAA Weather Radio:
ARRL/ARES Field Services Forms NTS-Public Service Comm Manual  NOAA: New Hampshire
ARRL/NTS Message Form (PDF View) NOAA: Maine
ARRL - NH - ARES/RACES RAC/ARES RadioGram (PDF View) NOAA: Massachusetts
ARRL - Eastern MA - ARES/RACES NTS Message on Packet NOAA: Vermont 
More Amateur Radio Groups
Severe Weather Info
Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS)
SATERN - North American Command  U.S. National Weather Service
US Army MARS Amateur Radio at NHC - W4EHW  IWIN National Warnings Area
US Navy, US Marines and US Coast Guard MARS Waterway Radio and Cruising Club NOAA Home Page
send and receive MARSGRAMS (USN-MARS) U S Tropical Atlantic Surface Analysis
What is the SHARES HF Radio Program? U S Active Tropical Storms and Hurricanes
  Severe Weather Reporting Form
The Emergency Email Network®
Frequency Links
Repeater Directory
Monitoring Links
More Frequency Links
New England Repeater Directory Strong Signals 6 Meter Beacons List * Worldwide* - by G3USF
Amateur Repeater Database - Daily Update Scanner Frequencies LF Beacons and Shortwave Radio
Amateur Repeater and Broadcast - by K1IW Long Island Scanning Resources WWW Shortwave Listening Guide
New England Spectrum Management Council DXING.COM SSTV Slow Scan Television
Monitoring Times Satellite Resource Page
DXing & Callsign Links
Interactive DX Reports
DX Tools & Topics
Callsign Help
HF Propagation Logger Real Time Aurora Map - by N1BUG World Wide HamCall(tm) Callsign Server
50 Mhz Propagation Logger Sunspots and the Solar Cycle Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Headquarters
144 Mhz Propagation Logger WM7R's Solar Resources Page WM7D's Callsign Database
220mhz Propagation Logger
EME & Satellite DX
How to use email for callsign lookups
Grid Square Info
AO-27 Satellite page US Grid Map in PDF from Icom
MoonBounce (EME) - by Mike Cook - AF9Y North American Grid Maps - by W6AMT
UTC Time
Hammaps by JF9EXF
USNO Master Clock World Grid Square Maps
The Ultimate DX Art of Grid Hunting
Calculate Your Grid Square - from
News & Information
Ham News & Information
Hamfest Information
More News & Information
Welcome to QRZ!
Local Hamfests
Local News Online
CQ Magazine Home Page Hosstraders Webpage WMUR- Channel 9 - Manchester, NH
This Week in Amateur Radio! New England Area Hamfests
National News Online Homepage ARRLWeb: NH Hamfest and Conventions
The Ham Radio internet guide
Other Hamfests
Amateur Radio Newsline Calendar of Radio Events
Weather Info Online
Amateur Radio Reference Dayton Hamvention The Weather Underground, Inc
K1DWU Dot Net
NWS Doppler Radar - Boston, MA
U S Tropical Wind Anaylsis - by
U S Radar - by
Hydrometeorological Prediction Center
Ham Help
Antenna Design Help
CW & Exam Studying Help
Ham Toolbox
KB1DIG Ham Page ARRLWeb: Learn Morse Code Amateur Radio RF Safety Calculator
AC6V's HOMEBREW ANTENNAS LINKS FREE tips, tricks, and mods of HAM rigs
HAM Antenna Handbook ARRLWeb: Amateur Exam Question Pools Batteries and Power Supplies Info!!!
ARES/RACES Antenna Projects Ham University -- What is it?
Several Antenna Projects State of Maine: Amateur Exams
2 Meter Loop
Ham Shack Computer Help
Ham Shack Download Links
Computer Tips and Tweaks
Parts is Parts Links
QRZ's - Amateur Radio Shareware Tom's Hardware Guide
Finding Parts Help
Shareware radio log, IOTA, DXCC, contesting Northern Computer Shows
Amateur Radio Shareware To Go Wim's BIOS Page - Computer Hardware Store
Amateur Radio and PalmOS
Computer to Ham Rig Interfacing
Free Radio Computer Programs "Digital Panoramic Tuning" - Free Program! WiNRADiO - Pioneering PC Radio
The Official PSK31 WWW Homepage TNCs - by Timewave Amateur Products
Portable Packet Page - by N1RWY PSK31 Info Page PSK31, RTTY, CW, Packet, WSJT, & SSTV Interface
TAPR Special Interest Groups
West Mountain Radio home of the RIGblaster
APRS Database Access Introducing EchoLink
Find APRS Stations AACNET - M0CSH
APRS Stations Near NORTHWOOD, NH Get DSP!! Digital Signal Processing Software
Ham Club Listings
Local NH Clubs
Other Local Clubs
Clubs Worldwide 
Great Bay Radio Association (W1FZ) Boston Amateur Radio Club Amateur Radio Reference: Clubs
Central NH ARC Ham Radio Lighthouse Keeper's Log - by K2JXW