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W1SRA / 147.000Mhz  / Negative Offset / 100.0 PL Tone
Welcome to the Sunday Night Net each Sunday evening at 7:30 PM.
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Looking for some other local 2 Meter activity?
 145.150Mhz / Negative Offset / 127.3 PL Tone / W1WQM / Kensington, NH 
Remote receiver to repeater:
145.150Mhz / Negative Offset / 88.5 PL Tone / Durham, NH
145.150Mhz / Negative Offset / 110.9PL Tone / Portsmouth, NH
 146.850Mhz / Negative Offset / 85.4 PL Tone / K1CA / Derry, NH
Looking for other local Repeaters? Try this Web-link out too!!
K1IW Amateur Repeater and Broadcast Transmitters Database Websearch:
For some really great local simplex try 147.570Mhz


Vermont New Hampshire CW net - a plea for help!

I am writing on behalf of the Vermont New Hampshire CW net. We are struggling to survive and would appreciate it you could pass the word among  your membership that we need their help.


We are "starved" for participants and would appreciate any help your members could offer.


Although the net is primarily a National Traffic System net, traffic handling aside it's a great place to meet and make friends and enjoy the fun that operating CW offers.


The net meets nightly at 7 PM on 3539. All speeds are welcome !


Thank you and vy 73,


Bert W1DFU

Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm/est

While this is our "home", we do ocassionally change frequencies for training.  Check the schedule on the above web site.




Images of the Midwinter Antenna Raising Adventures at Jack's KB1GCK!

This is the infamous Cobra All Band HF antenna made with 14-2 with ground Romex house-wire.
Work super on 160-6 meters.